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Producer / Percussionist / Composer

Whether Erick is creating deep tones, rhythmic patterns and rich textures by combining acoustic percussion and other instruments for visuals ... or venturing into electronic territories with CyberHum his approach is always adventurous and inspiring. A bit about the past... In Boston, 1967 at the age of 10, Erick had the wonderful opportunity for over a year to study and learn much about the art of drumming from and with the Nigerian master drummer Babatunde Olatunji .At one of the first sessions Babatunde held up Erick's hands to the other drummers and said "These are the hands of a drummer!!!" . In 1980 at 23, Erick moved to London, his sound combined a myriad of percussion instruments and electronic triggers and samplers. Notable music collaborators included Matt Fretton, Raphael Preston, numerous Mute Records and R&S Records recording artists as well as sound design and composing for the film director Stanley Kubrick and theater director / producer James Roose-Evans. Drawing on experience in live performing, recording, composing for film and theater, immersive media is an ideal realm for his talents.

Present - 2004

- Concept, Production of CyberHum *Modern Hieroglyphs* Blu-Ray Disc ,Digital Download, Streaming Release

- Executive Producer Wheel Media Productions LLC

- Development of Global / Distance / Mobile Learning Programs

- Pre-Production / Production / Original Concept of Wheel: The Amazing Adventures of Chip & Sky, an Immersive 2D - 3D, Full Dome and 4D Simulation Ride formats.

- Formed Hand To Ear Media, a soundtrack production company with Steve Dwire and Jerry Marotta


- Sound Design and Production for in house advertising agency usage DVD and interactive CD-ROMs.

- Production / Compilation / Mastering of 2 CD titles by British Audio Design artists

2002 - 2001

- Production / Composing of “ Invisible Thread ” and “ Loop Factor 1&2 ” Music For interactive Media Released through CyberHum


- Production / Composing / Sound Design of 2 CDs of production broadcast music titled“Ambient Groove & Beat” and “ Organic Electronica” released through British Audio Design.


- Production / Composing / Sound Design of 2 CyberHum CDs “Air Lock Vapor” and “Deflected Beams” released through CyberHum Frequencies Publishing for on-line distribution through, CD Now and Liquid Audio.

- Author of “Meet The Band” published by Macmillan / McGraw-Hill for the U.S. school's year 2000 reading program.

- Author of “Duke Ellington : A Life In Music” published by Houghton-Mifflin for the U.S. school's year 2001 reading program.

- Remixing and editing of the CyberHum title “Nomad” from “Air Lock Vapor” for compilation CDs of adventurous electronic music.


- Freelance Production / Sound Design / Consulting for digital music distribution via the web utilizing Liquid Audio, Real Audio, QuickTime and MP3 formats.


- Production / Performing of “ Implant ” the live ISDN link-up of CyberHum between The Kitchen performance space in NYC and The Electronic Cafe in Santa Monica, California.The concert featured 8 musicians in NYC and 2 musicians in Santa Monica with video imaging by Kit Galloway.

- Production / Performing of the live ISDN link-up of CyberHum between the CyberHum studio in NYC and the Cyberia Cafe in Tokyo, Japan. The concert was a featured part of The First Annual D.U.M.B.O Art Under The Bridge Festival. The performance recording was released in 1999 and titled “Deflected Beams”


- Freelance Music Production / Sound Design

1995 - 1993

- Collaborative Pre-Production with Stanley Kubrick and Ken Beecham on the adaptation of Ken Beecham's screenplay “Over The Moon”

- Production / Sound Design / Composing of “Elevated” the first CyberHum CD released in Europe with distribution via BMG.

- Percussionist / Sound Design / Performing with various Mute Records and R&S Records artists in Europe.

1992 - 1986

- Percussionist / Sound Design, recording and touring extensively in Europe. Highlights included : The Rhythm Run featuring Steve Walsh. The recording of “I Found Lovin” reached #1 in the U.K. charts.

- Performances on the BBC and Radio France. - The release of solo album / CD “Just Passing Through”

- Composing / Performing / Recording of an original music score for the director James Roose-Evans' production of “A Mid-Summer Nights Dream ” staged at the Almeida Theatre, London.

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Story Brief:

An international time-travel adventure with Chip, his dog Sky and Freeman, the narrator and universal guide. They share a thirst for learning that takes us to an exciting world of science and diverse cultures. Featuring an original score incorporating world folklore, Wheel, ignites imagination and engages natural curiosity.

About the Title:


Wheel of the Cosmos, Spiraling Galaxies, Invention Through Innovation