Film Production:

Wheel: The Amazing Adventures of Chip & Sky

The formats include Immersive 2D, 3D Cinema, Dome / Planetarium and 4D Simulation Rides. The production combines Photo - Realistic Animation with Location Film Footage.

The combined credentials of our visual production team include, Senior Director of R&D, Animation Editing and Design at Hasbro and Mattel, Design Director - Lucas Film Liaison and International Network / Cable Television, Film and Commercial Production

Learning Module Production:

Multi - Tiered Interactive, Global / Mobile / Distance Learning Modules.

The subject material for the modules include: Science, Computer Technology, History, Geography, Anthropology, Astronomy, Agriculture, Music / Music History, Art / Art History, Ecology, Mythology, Folklore.

Soundtrack Production:

The Team of Erick Montgomery, Steve Dwire and Jerry Marotta under the umbrella of Hand To Ear Media are composing, recording and producing the original music soundtrack with the collaboration of special guest music artists.

Sound Design:

Erick Montgomery along with foley artists is supplying the Immersive Film and Interactive Learning Module Sound Design.

Art Directors:

Wayne Losey and Tucker Johnson of Dynamo Development Labs

Technology / Strategy / Implementation Partners:

Joel Evans at Mobiquity Inc., together with Wheel Media Productions are collaborating on the online - offline technology interface of the Global / Mobile / Distance Learning Modules.

Release Date TBA


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Story Brief:

An international time-travel adventure with Chip, his dog Sky and Freeman, the narrator and universal guide. They share a thirst for learning that takes us to an exciting world of science and diverse cultures. Featuring an original score incorporating world folklore, Wheel, ignites imagination and engages natural curiosity.

About the Title:


Wheel of the Cosmos, Spiraling Galaxies, Invention Through Innovation