Soundtrack: Hand to Ear Media

Composing / Recording / Producing the Surround Soundtrack for the Immersive 2D, 3D Cinema, Dome / Planetarium, 4D Simulation Rode Experience of Wheel: The Amazing Adventures of Chip & Sky.



Producer / Percussionist / Composer

Present - 1995 Producer CyberHum, Executive Producer Wheel Media Productions, Forming Hand To Ear Media with Steve Dwire and Jerry Marotta. 1995 - Sound Design for Stanley Kubrick
1994 - 1980 Extensive touring and recording with Mute Records, R&S Records and numerous music artists throughout Europe. Read More....


Music Producer / Drummer - Percussionist / Composer
Currently Manager of Dreamland Recording Studios, Woodstock, N.Y. previous work includes: Recordings / Touring with Peter Gabriel, Tears For Fears, Hall & Oats, Paul McCartney, Robbie Robertson, Cher, Elvis Costello, Joan Armatrading, Carly Simon, Orleans, Stevie Nicks, Sarah McLachlan,  Rick Springfield, Suzanne Vega, Bonnie Tyler, Robert Fripp, Marshall Crenshaw, T-Bone Burnett Read More...


Music Producer / Bass Player / Composer
Recent projects include: Director Of Custom Music Services of Killersound, Inc. creating an in house roster of top film, television, pop and jazz composers. Collaborating with Grammy Award winning artist's PM Dawn on a remake of the George Harrison song " Within You And Without You," - Read More...




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Story Brief:

An international time-travel adventure with Chip, his dog Sky and Freeman, the narrator and universal guide. They share a thirst for learning that takes us to an exciting world of science and diverse cultures. Featuring an original score incorporating world folklore, Wheel, ignites imagination and engages natural curiosity.

About the Title:


Wheel of the Cosmos, Spiraling Galaxies, Invention Through Innovation